Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First Crossing, First Night out, First Check in with the CG

The Coast Guard let Magnus know yesterday, Monday June 8th, that Margaret called the Coast Guard to say she is fine, and that she was camping 1 Mile West of Akranes.

Like previous recent sea kayak expeditions around Iceland, Margaret will be spotted by the Icelandic Coast Guard as best as VHF radio communication allows, by checking in with the Coast Guard and providing her current location, whenever there is VHF radio connection (like in, or close to, harbors and towns).

Akranes, a fishing town appr. 25 Miles North of Reykjavik is the last larger town Margaret will see before reaching Hollisandur, located on the North Western tip of the Snaefellness peninsula, appr. 80 Miles North from yesterday's campsite.

Pic: Sudorflos lighthouse, Akranes, Iceland


  1. margaret, can you give us approximate mileage covered and info on the crossings/ trip legs when you post (or when your blog elf posts for you)?
    we will be missing you at the boston polo tournament this weekend. may have to pay a visit to your mom for old time's sake!
    xx n

  2. Girl. you are awesome. Be strong & stay safe. You go girl, Luv ya....

  3. Margaret you're fantastic. I'll be watching. Wish I could be there to give you something warm and dry to wear when you get chilled. I wish I had known you were going. I would have presented you with a Native American flute to bring along.
    Bill Weber
    The guy with the pony tail in Charlotte, NC.