Friday, August 21, 2009


The circle is complete.
At least the circle I was making around a small northern country this summer is officially closed.

Yes, yes, I have more blogging to do, gaps to fill, and pictures to download. These things may accumulate slowly over the next two weeks.

But I wanted to announce that I did have a wonderful day of paddling. The sun was shining all day, it was one of the clearest days I´ve experienced in Iceland, after a few hours it was warm enough to paddle without pogies, there was little wind, small waves, a beautiful evening sky that went from steel gray to purple to a light blue, and though I didn´t see any whales, I saw dolphins, I had a small friendly contingent greet me at Reykjavik´s boathouse, and of course to complete the day and properly celebrate, I had an ice cream cone dipped in chocolate. Mmmm.


  1. CONGRATS! We're so proud of you and can't wait to hear all about your grand adventure the next time you're in Mass. Much love, Rachel & Morry

  2. Congratulations!!! Looking forward to seeing you back in NYC and hearing all the stories.

  3. Congratulations, Margaret!
    We knew you'd make it. Look forward to hearing the rest of your tale.

    Lots of love,
    Julie, Zachary & Caitlin

  4. you never cease to amaze and we're so proud of you!
    can't wait to see you, hear (instead of just reading) the stories and see the photos.
    enjoy the rest of your trip and safe home!

  5. kevin fennelly here, i hope you made it home safe.

  6. Margret, this is Bob Brown, we met off shore of Iceland. I am still amazed upon motoring up to you and seeing you bare handed(without gloves) paddling by yourself. Congrats on a job well done. sorry it took me so long to post a comment.