Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just one more day.... methinks...

Me hopes.

Okay. It could be two.

I´ve paddled as far as Hafnir which is in the middle of the end of the Reykjanes Penninsula (the arch of the foot). Right now, however I am in Reykjavik due to the great generosity and flexibility of Magnus who came and picked me up past midnight last night. Today I´ve been waiting out wind and hoping that tomorrow´s weather will continue to improve, as it seems to every time I check it. I will start late morning because of the wind, but then will also likely be fighting a setting sun. I enjoy paddling in the dark occassionally, but when you don´t know the area, encounter breaking waves, and don´t know the landing, it can be a bit of a hazard... Last night I managed to find my way into a no longer working harbour with no lights on to a strange huge pile of seaweed that one can hardly call a landing, but would never have been able to do so without Magnus on the phone directing me with Google Earth. Very amusing and highly memorable.

If I encounter problems tomorrow or find my pace too slow, I can bail out at nearly any point, (Magnus will pick me up!), and then hopefully finish Saturday morning. Not only do I now have the luxury and comfort of a roof and bed, but I also get to paddle in a nearly empty boat!!! Tomorrow (and any possible that follow) becomes a simple day paddle. ...which is really what this has been all along - a series of day paddles... Right?

One´s mental state in such an endeavor as paddling around a country is HUGE. Yesterday and most of today I´ve just wanted to be done. But now, the slight mental shift to another day paddle (and the prospect of improving conditions) makes it seem exciting again and something to enjoy. Also the reason I decided to do this in the first place... I wanted to enjoy it. I thought I would enjoy it. And I have enjoyed most of it. There have been a few times though where I´ve had to stop and check myself - 'You really don´t want to paddle today?' 'Then don´t. You don´t need to do anything. This is supposed to be fun.' Of course sometimes, the weather was not fun, and somewhere in the North I lost my ability to be amused and see the irony. But for the most part, when I´ve slowed down and accepted my circumstances I gain another gem in the situation, often in the people I meet or in discovering something I wouldn´t have otherwise.

That said, I hope I can announce completion of a summer ambition and a wonderful final day of paddling (where I see lots of whales (please!)) tomorrow night.
We´ll see...

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