Sunday, August 16, 2009


Once again I feel like the luckiest person in the world! Complete strangers have once again taken me in and told me to treat their home like my home... Yay! Icelanders, I love you!!
I am on Vestmannaeyjar for the day and have much to explore in only a short day. My intent is to leave tomorrow (Monday morning) and get back to the mainland before some major wind hits. On Tuesday, I hope to head inland again for some more days of hiking. My time here is drawing to a close and my original ideas of hiking and seeing ALL that I wanted to see is no longer possible. However, I´m trying to get as much in as possible, so blogging will be minimal over the next week and a half.
Lots of adventure over the last week and a half as I´ve encountered the infamous south coast. I´ve been incredibly lucky with the weather and lucky to encounter small surf for landings on the black sand. Even so, the dumping aspect of the surf is quite curious and caused me a bit of strife, most prominently that I broke my beautiful EPIC paddle! The paddling days have gotten easier as I´ve gone along and the last two days I finally had some true support with wind at my back. Leaving Breiddalsvik, however, was not so easy and the seas were quite big the first couple days, including a 4 meter wave that put me over and forced me to roll in this not-so-cold-after-all water. Then I had two days where I had very difficult landings due to strong tidal currents. Landing as Jokulsarlon was particulary exhilerating and scary as I surfed big waves coming from several directions while at the same time trying to avoid icebergs. More on all of this later...
I must take advantage of being Iceland while I´m still in Iceland! I´m off to explore! And eat! (Once again super hungry all the time!!)

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